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COVID-19 Reponse

The Town Council is working hard as part of the Melksham Community Hub to help and support those who are vulnerable. If you would like support or would like to put yourself foward as a volunteer please sign up by clicking here. 

We love people coming to visit our town centre, so why not park for one hour free, on us? Every time you visit?

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From a small bag of rubbish to an unwanted mattress or worn-out settee, if rubbish is dumped somewhere without permission it is classed as fly-tipping. Fly-tipping is a crime – help put a stop to it.


No-one likes to see fly-tipping. It looks a mess, can be unsafe and is expensive to clear-up. It’s also a crime.

Report fly-tipping

Wiltshire Council have launched the ‘We’re Targeting Fly-tippers’ campaign for help to put a stop to fly-tipping in Wiltshire.

If you spot any fly-tipping, see rubbish being dumped or know someone who is doing it, don't confront them – report fly-tipping to Wiltshire Council by going to www.wiltshire.gov.uk/community-environment-wtf .

It would be helpful if you could provide them with as much information as possible including:

  • the registration number and description of the tippers’ vehicle such as the colour, make and model
  • what the tippers look like
  • what sort of rubbish was being dumped

A reward of up to £200 in high street vouchers may be offered for information leading to a successful prosecution or payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice.

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