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The Town Council has adpted the anti-bullying charter set out by the Wiltshire Assembly of Youth. Julia Cramp, the Associate Director for Commissioning, Performance and School Effectiveness wrote:


In November 2016, the Wiltshire Assembly of Youth (WAY), an elected group voicing young people’s concerns, launched an anti-bullying charter setting out a vision to tackle bullying across the county; WAY is concerned about the impact that bullying has upon emotional wellbeing and mental health.
Councillors and members of the Children and Young People’s Trust attended the launch event and discussed the challenges and opportunities of addressing bullying in schools, colleges and communities. A copy of the charter is enclosed and available at https://www.wiltshirehealthyschools.org/news/items/wiltshire-anti-bullying-charter-, along with some ‘Key Messages’ from young people about bullying and how to deal with it.
It is our intention that these resources assist our local partners to have conversations about bullying behaviour in order create working, learning and health environments that are even more tolerant, inclusive and respectful. Young people have stressed the importance of listening, reporting, and responding to incidents of bullying wherever it may take place.

The documents are included here:

Anti-bullying Charter

Key messages from Young People

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