Melksham Business

Cooper Tires Factory

The business life of the town has seen many changes over the years. Today, despite the ravages of two recessions, industry and commerce in and around Melksham still maintain a range of activities which not only spreads over large areas of the UK, but also extends into Europe and the rest of the world. The town and the surrounding industrial and business sites are well placed to attract new opportunities, large and small.

Cooper Avon Tires and Avon Technical Products with a large local workforce maintain their position as the major employer in the area. It's head office, Technical Services and manufacturing operation are located in the town. First established in 1885, Cooper Avon has expanded it's operations into Europe, North America and Africa as well as other regions in the UK. The Company's product range covers the manufacture of tyres, automotive components and technical products.

There are industrial and business sites at Avonside Enterprise Park, Bowerhill, Challeymead Business Centre and Intercity Trading Estates. These locations house a range of business activities including animal feeds, printing, computer products, furniture, machine components, plastic mouldings, refrigeration equipment, windows and numerous other products.

The town is served by a comprehensive range of business services including all the major banks, financial advisors, insurance companies and commercial and residential estate agents. There are good hotels and restaurants of all kinds in and around Melksham to serve the residents and visitors.

A new police headquarters has been built for C division on the A350 south of Melksham. This houses the management and administration teams that cover the area from Wootton Basset in the north to Warminster in the south.